Video: Michelle wonders if it's time for Hillary to go

“She’s putting her money where her mouth is,” saith the boss, “and it’s time for her mouth to stop and cut the losses.” Is it? The hole’s getting deeper but they’ve only got two more weeks until the last primary; between speaking engagements and a memoir about the campaign (suggested title: “How I (Almost) Beat the Patriarchy”), they could probably recoup most of it within a year. Besides, Her Majesty’s talked herself into believing she’s fighting for a higher cause now:

[I]n private conversations and in interviews, Mrs. Clinton has begun asserting that she believes sexism, rather than racism, has cast a shadow over the primary fight, a point some of her supporters have made for months. Advisers say that continuing her candidacy is partly a means to show her supporters — especially young women — that she is not a quitter and will not be pushed around.

That’s fine, but as our favorite liberal reminds us this morning, the better lesson for young women would have been to run a competent campaign and win the presidency. Instead she’s left with the same sort of dignity as the captain of the Titanic, honorably going down with the ship that he steered into an iceberg. That’s something, but it ain’t much.

Exit question: Is this the answer?


Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET