Open thread: Kentucky and Oregon; Update: Hillary wins Kentucky; Update: Obama wins Oregon

Are conclusions this foregone liveblogworthy? No. Threadworthy? Sure! There’s bound to be something tasty in the exit polls, and think what fun we’ll have dissecting the media’s angst if Her Majesty manages to hang another 40-point blowout around the presumptive nominee’s neck. He’s going to clinch a majority of pledged delegates too, which adds some intrigue to their victory speeches later on. Will Hillary hint that the end is near? Or will she continue to rock on, perhaps punctuating her defiant address with a sassy, “See you in Puerto Rico, sucka”?

Back soon with data. While you wait, enjoy incompetent former Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle rubbing salt in the wounds she inflicted on Hillary; dissension in the ranks between Hillary aides who think it’s time to defect to Obama and diehards who have imbibed the proverbial Kool-Aid; and Richard Cohen with an uncharacteristically trenchant piece on why Hillary fights on. It’s all about the grittiness — in which case, er, what’s with the sudden whining about sexism?

Update: See what I mean?

According to CBS News early exit polling, in Kentucky, eight in ten Clinton voters said they would be dissatisfied if Obama was the Democratic nominee. Obama voters were about evenly split on whether they would be satisfied if Clinton got the nomination.

In Kentucky, just 33 percent of Clinton voters said they would back Obama in the general election if he is the Democratic nominee – 41 percent said they will vote for McCain, and another 23 percent say they won’t vote.

Update: The evening’s first foregone conclusion is in the books as the nets call Kentucky for Hillary. Here’s the full exit poll; based on the gender breakdown, she’s looking at roughly a 66/34 win with a 40-point spread among women. Interesting tidbit: Of the 42% of Democrats who say Obama shouldn’t pick Hillary as VP, fully half of them voted today for Hillary. I’m not sure how to interpret that. This is fun, too:


Racial polarization? Obama wins blacks 88/7, Hillary wins whites 72/22, with 21% of voters saying race was important (among whites who said so, Hillary won 86%). To put that in perspective for you, it’s a bigger margin among whites than she had in Mississippi. I wonder if this has anything to do with that:


Update: Here are the exits for Oregon. Gender breakdown says Obama should win by 10 points or so. Obama wins across almost all demographics, including white Democrats (whites made up 85% of all voters) and loses among white women by a single point. Only 12% say they’ll vote for McCain over Obama and only 10% say race was important to them — and of those, 51% voted for Obama.