Video: Obama annoys reporter by calling her "sweetie"; Update: Obama apologizes

Via Ben Smith, an almost miraculous stroke of bad luck: He dropped this on the one member of the media who wouldn’t coo and squeal like an infant at being addressed by him this way. In any other year no one would care but expect the pro-Hillary bloggers to tear him a new Messiah-hole for it, especially since it’s — arguably — part of a pattern. I thought he got a raw deal that time at the debate when he took heat for telling Hillary she was “likable enough,” but some women (including a liberal friend of mine) found it condescending. The same friend told me she was irritated by his mocking Hillary a few weeks ago for saying she went shooting as a kid. Feminist backlash on the way or grin-and-bear-it to support The Cause of electing a Democrat? They have been “reawakened,” you know.

Keep it on file mentally in case McCain stumbles this way down the road and the left suddenly finds itself outraged at such obnoxious sexism. Exit question: Is Hillary going to touch this? It’s so trivial, but any weapon to hand…

Update: That was fast.