Video: Special, special lady creeps everyone out by vowing to "keep coming back"

Geraghty draws the obvious comparison; never have I been prouder or more terrified. Her strength is her weakness: She will keep coming back, she won’t quit, no matter how much money and support she bleeds by staggering on. I told a friend today I think this is just a boxing match for her now in the sense that she’s resigned to losing on points but she’ll be g-ddamned before she lets him knock her out. The goal isn’t winning, it’s simply to be on her feet come June 3rd and to have proved her dominance among working-class voters sufficiently that if he does flame out in November because too many of them turn McCainocrat, she can relish a grand “I told you so.” Which, coincidentally, would lead us nicely into Terminator 2 circa 2012, in which she reprises her role — this time as the (sort of) good guy.