Good news: Dems now lead GOP on all ten key electoral issues

Consider this a reminder that the important race tonight isn’t Hillary vs. Obama but Davis vs. Childers for that open congressional seat in deep red — or should I say “formerly deep red”? — Mississippi. The GOP’s pumping in robo-calls on Davis’s behalf from everyone from Bush to McCain to Haley Barbour; the Democrats, true to form, have countered by calling Davis a Klansman. Just scan the numbers at Rasmussen to see what he’s up against: On only three of those ten key issues are Republicans even within single digits. McCain individually fared much better against Clinton and Obama in the last Rasmussen poll last month, but scroll through the new ABC/WaPo poll and you’ll come across this:


I sympathize with the boss’s disgust at the GOP parroting Obama’s “change” nonsense, but look again at that graph and tell me: What other message can they offer? “We’ll suck less this time”? “One more chance, please?” For god’s sake, we’re running against Jesus. Exit question: There’s only one solution, isn’t there? Embrace it.