Video: "Unelectable"

Via Suzie at Assorted Babble, here’s the last consolation of the disgruntled Hillary supporter, a variation on the Clintonian principle that if she can’t be president, no Democrat can: Somehow, supposedly, the guy who raises $50 million a month and stands to receive the most fawning media coverage any presidential candidate’s ever gotten is incapable of beating John McCain. Serious hypothetical exit question: Let’s say Maverick does miraculously beat Obama in November. Is she a shoo-in for the nomination in 2012? Unless she stumps her heart out for Team Barry this summer, the perception will be that she wanted him to lose and feelings within the party will be very, very hard. On the other hand, there are no obvious rivals standing in her way — with the notable exception of Mark Warner, the centrist former governor of Virginia who’s virtually assured of ending up in the Senate next year. How soon, I wonder, before Her Majesty starts to re-make herself as a stalwart liberal in order to be able to run to his left.