Are you ready for the John McCain global warming tour?

Why not? After six months of ads and op-eds and radio broadcasts about Bill Ayers and Wright, come Election Day there’ll be nary a conservative left in America who won’t be eager to pull the lever for him no matter how far left he tacks. Amnesty and carbon offsets and campaign finance reform for all!

“John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change. It could get him into trouble with Republicans, of course, and with the base, who don’t think there is much climate change going on, but it is something that he’s very passionate about and he’s going to be talking about it.”

A pander timed to coincide with the general election? Nah, he’s been pushing this for ages. Here’s his radio ad on the subject from last fall, and here’s his position — reminiscent of Pascal’s wager — from that awful GOP debate with Nurse Ratched. Exit quotation: “Way to go, global warming folks!”