Ed Koch: Obama can't win, ergo, Hillary must rock on

Indeed, Ed Koch. Rock on she must.

“I believe Obama probably will win [the Democratic nomination], although in politics you never ever can count anybody out,” said former New York Mayor Ed Koch. “I think Hillary is doing a magnificent job and is a great candidate and if anybody can pull it out, she can. But my honest opinion is, it probably won’t happen. And that he will be the candidate and that he will lose.”…

“I am shocked, without knowing the reason that it is happening, that none of the allegations with the respect of Wright, his former pastor, have had any impact on his polling,” said Koch. “I’m absolutely surprised because I think that all the things that Wright says — and nobody believes that Obama supports those statements — but he didn’t have the courage to stand up and object for twenty years. If you are running for president, you can’t be like some other poor guy in the pews who is afraid to stand up or even say something privately to the minister. You’re the guy who wants to lead the country and you have to have courage to stand up and lead your own pastor. He did not exhibit that. But the fact that the Democratic constituency doesn’t seem to care is a shock to me, but I’m certain that the overall constituency voting in November will care and that it will make the difference in the adverse way to his candidacy.”

I’m skeptical, but the early numbers sure are promising. Buck up, Ed; it sounds like her meeting with the superdelegates this afternoon went smoothly with no awkwardness at all. Exit question: If bold, courageous leadership in the face of leftist orthodoxy is the standard for a nominee, how come Her Majesty didn’t follow Koch himself last year in lowering the boom on MoveOn for their “Betray Us” cretinism”?