Open thread: Indiana and North Carolina; Update: Obama wins NC; Update: Hillary wins Indiana

The early exit polls are in: It’s the economy, stupid, not health care or Iraq. Detailed demographic data should start trickling in around 6 p.m. Trust it if you dare.

I still think she needs a blowout in Indiana to offset one in North Carolina but the Nation seems to think a win is a win. Mull this over while you wait, savoring the “nightmare scenario” we may very well find ourselves in three or four hours from now. One or both of us will be liveblogging; as always, comments are welcome. If you’re imbibing and need a drinking game to play, Mark Halperin has made things easy for you. Or, if that’s too complicated, just tune into MSNBC and take a swig every time Rachel Maddow smirks. You’ll be unconscious by nine.

Update: Drudge says Obama wins easily in NC per the early exits. That makes sense demographically. So all she can do at this point is hold serve, i.e. no big game-changer tonight.