Gallup: Republicans would rather see Hillary nominated than Obama, 48-44

A belated answer to yesterday’s exit question. Do note the dates on which the sample was taken: April 18-20, a week before Pastorgate reached full flower. I wonder what the numbers look like now.

This graph is depressing, though. I can understand preferring Obama because you think Hillary’s easier to beat — I’m of the same opinion, albeit less convinced with each passing day — but preferring him because you’re more worried about a Clinton presidency than an Obama one? Anyone willing/able to explain that? He’s the more principled leftist, as near as we can tell; he’s certainly more dovish than she is. Is this just calcified Clinton hatred among Republicans manifesting itself (i.e. anyone but Hillary) or has the Prince of Peace actually sold them on his “post-partisan, so long as I get to continue to vote liberal” shtick?