Olbermann sobs on dKos's shoulder over Hillary's O'Reilly interview

In which the modern-day Murrow, exemplar of Serious Journalism, refers to Ann Coulter as “Coultergeist.” Read the whole thing, as the kids are wont to say, or else you won’t appreciate the extent to which Kayo is now openly embracing the worst of the nutroots’ bottom-feeders as part of his collective “We.” A sample quote:

I knew some day I’d actually write something that did not include a shout about what we’re doing on the show. And, my very dear friends, as Mr McCain would begin, this day has arrived. I’ve been startled to watch two developments anger and shake our respective Coalitions of The Reasonable, without the obvious deflating corollaries apparently dawning on anybody.

I googled that term to see if it was some sort of inside joke I’m not getting. Nope. He’s coining his own phrases now to express his reality-based solidarity. His argument re: Hillary is that she was driven to the Factor out of desperation at the fact that no one’s interested in her anymore, a nuanced point indeed in light of both the ratings and the rumors that the guy he’s shilling for these days might turn up there himself sooner rather than later. Will Obama’s sitdown with O’Reilly warrant its own Speshul Komment? Stay tuned!

As I say, read the whole thing or else you’ll miss his none-too-veiled threat to start accusing McCain, a la Coulter and Obama, of being a manchurian candidate. Objective, agenda-less Serious Journalist exit question: “What is it going to take to reignite that core of anger … over this god-forsaken war?”