Video: The Democratic race in seven minutes

Worth watching if you’re not a political junkie but even more worth watching if you are, to have your memory of this interminable race jogged to the point of wooziness. On and on it goes, never getting anywhere, gradually losing all meaning over time, until it’s just a drumbeat of one tedious development after another thudding you into submission. Perfect.

Something to ponder as you watch: Is Joe Trippi right that Edwards got out too early? I wrote umpteen posts in January about whether him quitting would be more help to Obama, in freeing up liberal votes, or Hillary, in freeing up working-class white votes. At the time I thought it’d be the former; in hindsight, as the race has become more racially divided, I’m thinking it’s the latter. Had he hung around, he could have positioned himself as a broker at the convention (or even — gasp — possible compromise nominee?). He’s left enough to suit the Obamites and blue-collar enough to please the Clintonians. A happy compromise. So, er, why didn’t anyone vote for him in the primaries?