Matthews: Today's presser sort of makes Obama the anti-Wright, doesn't it?

By special request of the Hammer, who thought this a bridge too dumb even for him. His point here isn’t terribly bad in theory: If you think Wright’s planning to come back at Obama with both barrels, attacking him personally while dropping “wisdom” about the twelve Zionists who rule the world cooking up ebola in their lab or whatever, then the Messiah ends up Wright’s victim/nemesis with all attendant sympathy privileges thereto. I’m skeptical that he’ll get too nasty, though, for reasons both personal and political. Doubtless he retains some affection for the guy and doubtless his own base of support overlaps considerably with Obama’s. We’ll see some pushback but nothing toxic. Beyond that, does Matthews really think Obama’s looking forward to a media war with Wright in the middle of the campaign? Even as the “good guy,” every new bout forces him to revisit the subject. If anything, the point of the presser was to rule this subject out of bounds for the press in the future. Quote: “I want to be very clear that moving forward, Reverend Wright does not speak for me.”

Then again, if there’s one thing today proved, it’s this: You can attack America or the military all you want (literally, in Bill Ayers’s case!), but if you attack Barack Obama’s electability, look out, pal.