Video: "The View" salutes Wright's "righteous rage"

Yeah, I know, fish in a barrel. There’s a larger point here, though. Credit the ‘Busters as usual for flagging this and credit Hasselbeck for plowing through the aspersions cast on her “very white” outlook last week to come right back at these three Obama shills today. What you’re watching here is the perpetuation of a meme pushed not only by Wright himself at the National Press Club this morning but by our lord and savior, Barack Obama, during the key passage of The Speech That Saved America, namely, that Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology are fairly representative of “the black church” in its entirety or even, in the Messiah’s formulation, with black America itself. An attack on one is therefore an attack on all, rendering the good reverend conveniently immune from criticism. The problem: It’s a lie. I direct you to Karl’s long but worthwhile post from last month attempting to distinguish BLT, a Marxist/Christian hybrid, with mainstream white or black Christianity generally. Even Joe Klein, doubtless through gritted teeth, felt obliged to note the distinction in his post on Wright this morning, probably because of the disservice the Obamite spin does to someone like Martin Luther King by implication. That’s what Hasselbeck’s after here, although you may have to read the full transcript at NB to appreciate it.