Video: Roland Martin and Soledad O'Brien gush over Wright's NAACP speech

Lots of requests for this last night, even as it was still happening. You can thank the ‘Busters, who have more video of O’Brien in semi-swoon, for digging it up. The star of this show is Martin, though, who proved himself once before an Obama shill of the highest order and resorts here to defending the sermons on the dubious ground of context. Read this if you missed it last week to discover that all-important context you’ve been missing. Exit question via Karl: In Martin’s many commentaries on Wright and Obama, has he even once identified himself as a “life-long friend” of the good reverend? I’m asking seriously. Even if he has, is there no one else at CNN capable of commenting intelligently at Wright who’s not burdened by a similar conflict of interest? Good lord. Click the image to watch.