Video: New GOP ad warranting McCain's knee-jerk criticism debuts; Update: Hillary rips GOP for "politicizing" Wright

I wonder, will Maverick watch this one before he does the obligatory reject-and-denounce two-step or will another plot summary from an aide suffice? Chop chop: The Deciders are already insisting that it’s time to MoveOn and he wouldn’t want to disappoint his base.

This is actually a weak ad, and not just because of the hacky music and sinister B&W tinting. Childers said nothing about Wright in March, we’re told, but, er, he wasn’t endorsed by Obama until April. Was he supposed to preemptively denounce Wright on the odd chance that Obama might endorse him in the future? Why is he responsible for denouncing someone else’s close associates, anyway? The GOP needs to be careful with overusing the Wright thing, for two reasons: One, the more you hear the killer soundbites, the more the shock value is dissipated and the effect lost, and two, drawing out the taint-by-association logic to ever more absurd degrees only gives Obama an opening to ridicule the whole thing as contrived and tortured. He’s suspect because he tolerated Wright for 20 years, whether or not he actually agrees with him; Childers is now supposedly suspect because he tolerates the guy who tolerated Wright for 20 years. When do we see an attack ad against someone for tolerating Childers, who tolerated the tolerator? Reserve the Wright attacks for Obama himself, please.

Update: Please do recall that it was Her Majesty who declared Wright a legitimate political issue at the ABC debate, and who saw fit to remind America that Hamas had been known to make a cameo in the church bulletin.

I realize this is her semi-obligatory way of earning a little much-needed “good Democrat” cred with the left, but good lord, Hillary. Show some dim self-awareness of your own hypocrisy when you pander this shamelessly.

ā€œI have said that that that was a personal decision of his I answered one question about it that made it clear I would not have stayed in that church under those circumstances,” Clinton told reporters in Graham, NC. “But, I regret the efforts by the Republicans to politicize this matter and I believe that if Senator McCain were serious he would do more than just send a letter he is the putative nominee I think he could very clearly tell the North Carolina party tell the Mississippi party that he would not tolerate those kinds of advertisements and Iā€™m waiting to see if he does that.ā€