Arianna: Sure, I'm a hypocrite on global warming

A snippet from Stossel’s 20/20 sitdown. Obviously there’s more to her answer; too bad he edited it out. I’m guessing it was the standard “better to agitate and be a hypocrite than do nothing” defense (perhaps with a little “it’s a drop in the bucket compared to industrial emissions” thrown in), but does the hypocrisy not trouble her even a little bit? After four years of shrieking “chickenhawk!” at war supporters over Iraq — but never, ever over Afghanistan, natch — you’d think the left’s leading lights would take the concept of leading by example more seriously. This is the environmentalist equivalent of liberals demanding higher taxes while forever politely declining to pay more than their fair share voluntarily. Which, come to think of it, would have been a perfect follow-up question for this particular interview. Exit question: “I’m not setting myself up as some paragon,” she says. Why not?