Obama's stupid flag-pin dust-up turns stupider yet

Revisionist history? Sounds pretty consistent to me. In both versions of the story he wants the world to know that he’s the True Patriot, and for reasons known only to him decided it was important to communicate that fact through the non-wearing of a 99-cent flag pin that no one, but no one, pays attention to. Except, of course, self-absorbed intellectuals like Barack Obama.

It’s not just the flag pin, either. Remember when he made a stink about refusing to vote on the Senate resolution condemning MoveOn for the “Betray Us” ad? That was another case of His Holiness being ostentatiously superior to the rest of us — although in fairness, that abstention could just as easily be explained as a show of gutlessness by a guy in a tough position politically than some sort of empty-gesture “principled” stand. Exit question: Am I wrong to read this article as Dean-o getting a little nervous about BO’s electability and winking at the superdelegates to do what they’ve got to do?