Whoopi to Hasselbeck: That’s a "very white" outlook you have

Of what allegedly “white” sin is she guilty? Why, believing that racial or gender solidarity shouldn’t be a top priority when choosing a president, particularly amongst progressives who fancy themselves so consumed with policy and “substantive” issues that being deprived of them in one out of 21 debates is an offense possibly worthy of a boycott. You’re advised to read the extended transcript from the ‘Busters as I’ve omitted Behar’s not unreasonable point that one might as well vote one’s biology given how indistinguishable Hillary’s and Obama’s platforms are. But here’s the meat of it, with Whoopi tying herself in an identity-politics gordian knot by insisting that Hasselbeck can’t possibly understand the way minorities see this election before being reminded that, in fact, Elisabeth is as much a woman as the rest of them. Whereupon the knot is duly cut as Whoopi segues effortlessly into an ageist argument that Hasselbeck’s not old enough to grasp the full significance of Hillary’s candidacy. Call it the biological trump card. Well played, Goldberg. Very well played.