Video: $1,600 keyboard saves you whole fractions of a second

I’m tempted to call this the dumbest geek toy since Foleo but that simply can’t be right: Even at $1,589.99 a pop, they’ve already sold out. Explain to me what I’m missing here, techies. Yes, yes, it’s very cool that there’s a tiny little screen on each key. That lets me do … what, exactly? Drop my Quick Launch icons onto individual buttons so I can open applications in .3 seconds instead of the .5 it normally takes to click on them with my mouse? Watch YouTube videos at half the size of a postage stamp? Do whimsical little flourishes with Photoshop like the one near the end of the vid and then get bored with them after 30 seconds? For the same money, I can get an iPhone, an iPod Touch, an Xbox, and a Wii. Sell me on this.

Update: Am I missing the whole point here, that in fact this is aimed at Silicon Valley millionaires who already own every other cutting-edge gadget on the market and are looking for a new and especially nerdy status symbol?

Update: Ah, here’s some good thinking. If you’re bilingual, this would indeed come in handy. Weird that they’re not pitching it that way.