Video: Mary Katharine Ham on nutroots debate reaction

A tale of media bias told by whining idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying … a lot, actually. My own armchair theory is that it’s mostly a pose designed to prove how intellectually serious they are about “substantive” debate; the Hammer favors the displacement theory, that they’re irritated at their perfect candidate for being not quite perfect after all and are taking it out on ABC. Either way, the solution is to work the refs by complaining long and loudly enough to make sure that never again are the words “flag lapel pin” uttered in the Messiah’s presence, unless they’re being used in the context of congratulating him for taking such a petty, stupid symbolic stand on Iraq in refusing to wear one.

I was skeptical that the debate hurt him — nothing ever seems to — but judging from Gallup’s new data we can safely say it didn’t help.

Update: We’ll see how ABC handles things going forward but consider the refs at NBC well and truly worked.