Tancredo to Pope: Kindly quit being such an amnesty shill, your holiness

The boss has all the background you’ll need, although you might want to revisit the U.S. Bishops’ statement on the subject too. Church leadership is unified on this point and it’s not hard to see why. Not even Tancelot can slay the dragon of demographic reality:

While nearly one-in-three Americans (31%) were raised in the Catholic faith, today fewer than one-in-four (24%) describe themselves as Catholic.

These losses would have been even more pronounced were it not for the offsetting impact of immigration. The Landscape Survey finds that among the foreign-born adult population, Catholics outnumber Protestants by nearly a two-to-one margin (46% Catholic vs. 24% Protestant); among native-born Americans, on the other hand, Protestants outnumber Catholics by an even larger margin (55% Protestant vs. 21% Catholic)…

Latinos, who already account for roughly one-in-three adult Catholics overall, may account for an even larger share of U.S. Catholics in the future. For while Latinos represent roughly one-in-eight U.S. Catholics age 70 and older (12%), they account for nearly half of all Catholics ages 18-29 (45%).

Seal the borders and you may seal the fate of the Catholic Church in America. Which makes this year’s election mighty fortuitous for them: No matter who wins, the Church wins, too.