Hillary to Obama: Toughen up, chump

You’re clicking the image and skipping ahead about 20% of the way through, to where one of the anchors holds up a newspaper. ABC detects an echo of the “wimp” meme here: Put simply, she’s wondering how we can expect the Messiah to handle Ahmadinejad if a few predictable gotchas from George Stephanopoulos are enough to send him off on a day-long whine. If that logic sounds familiar, it’s because conservatives put the very same question to her last year after she cowardly backed out of the Fox debate lest her participation alienate the same nutroots Democrats who now hate her with a passion. (Savor the irony of this interview being conducted by a Fox affiliate.) And needless to say, she does her share of whining, too — albeit within the context of media coverage that’s orders of magnitude less favorable than what the Lamb of God gets.

I do like her craftiness, though, in attacking him on a point on which she herself is partially shielded by gender. She can call him soft but he has to be careful about responding in kind lest it be taken as sexist by that new “fourth wave” she’s allegedly creating. Alas for Team Barry, identity politics cuts both ways. Although if you believe the reports this morning, he doesn’t really need to respond: The superdelegates aren’t going anywhere.

Update: Somebody ‘Tubed the key section.