The obligatory "Time adapts Iwo Jima imagery for global warming" post

You’ll have to make do for now with the front-page thumbnail (swiped from Media Blog), but it’s clear enough even at that size. And yeah, it’s real:


The dudgeon in the comments to the Headlines item on this is already six feet high and rising. Baldi pronounces it a case of moral equivalence, but I think that goes too far: They’re just being lazy and reaching for a shorthand for war and they went with the most iconic image they could think of. Imagine the designs that were rejected. Uncle Sam pointing a gun at the head of Mother Nature? Al Gore running naked, screaming, down a road with a melting glacier closing in behind him? There’s no limit to the possible offensiveness!

Hopefully the thought of Marines being sent in to plant trees on Mt. Suribachi will help soothe our new epidemic of eco-anxiety. Exit question: The left sure does like war imagery in this context, huh?

Update: Headline comments imported!