Show of Democratic hands: How many of you will vote for McCain if your candidate loses?

It’s not clear whom the hand-raisers are backing in the primary, but we can guess: The sore loser constituency among Her Majesty’s supporters has been consistently robust, with 28% preferring McCain to Obama in a Gallup national poll from early March and 30% in the LA Times poll of North Carolinians taken just a few days ago. It’s not fully clear why her working-class base prefers Maverick to Barry O — experience and character are mentioned here — but McCain’s inevitably going to tack towards the center on economic issues to try to neutralize Obama’s main advantage with them. He’s already started, at least rhetorically.

Exit question one: Won’t this hurt him with Republicans? Nah. Where are they going to go? Exit question two: Why is Limbaugh so invested in Operation Chaos, anyway? Doesn’t he hate McCain? Or is he part of the answer to exit question one? Click the image to watch.