Video: The anti-Cruise

A late-morning palate cleanser. As tiny Tom is the definition of A-list, so is this guy nearly anonymous — and guaranteed to stay that way once this ripples through Hollywood. The two do share one distinguishing characteristic, though: According to Fox, they’re both OT5-level Scientologists. Or were, in Beghe’s case. This dropped yesterday on YouTube and is already creeping up on 250,000 views, for no reason other than the taboo that comes with watching someone publicly criticize a group known for not taking criticism lightly. There’s a lot of jargon, but if you know what “clear” and “OT” mean — essentially, the former means you’ve purged yourself of everything bad and the latter means you’ve started developing everything good — you should be able to follow along without a problem.

No words are minced so please observe this, your official content warning.