Video: Mary Katharine Ham on Carter's meeting with Hamas

A little late Friday Hammertime for you. Same question as last night: Will Obama absorb any collateral damage from this? His camp already took the appropriate “distancing” measures but, true to Obama form, the man himself is too exalted to say an unkind word about Jimbo personally. McCain has yet to deliver any body blows, but Gingrich isn’t waiting around:

“I feel very deeply that for him to meet with Hamas is an act of such total irresponsibility and he bears with him the burden of being a former president of the United States. He is not a free agent.”…

“I think President Carter represents exactly what Obama represents. A left-wing worldview which regards the United States as a bad country and which goes around the world trying to propitiate our enemies…”

Exit question: Do my ears deceive me or does Alisyn Camerota tell the Hammer she’s “sexy” at the end of the clip? Good lord. She really does lead a charmed life.