Video: Muslim blogger makes his own version of "Fitna" -- about Christianity

I’m not sure what his point is, ultimately — that the Bible is just as pernicious an influence as the Koran (per the opening text) or that it’s silly to link atrocities to passages from scripture (per the closing). Doesn’t matter: This comes from a region where Hitler’s crimes are simultaneously minimized via Holocaust denial and used as a byword for unconscionable evil via the constant comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany. Logical contradictions never bothered them before. Why should this?

There are countless angles of attack here, starting with scale, the lack of any New Testament in Islam repudiating the more fire-and-brimstone parts, and the vastly more tenuous link between U.S. foreign policy and Christianity than jihadist policy and the Koran. My preferred angle, though? The fact that our auteur hails not from Dubai or some comparatively moderate Islamic nation but from the most repressive state in the region — which, coincidentally, is also the one that applies the Koran most comprehensively and in its “purest” form. Yeah, that one.

Update: This is a video about Christianity, not the United States, so the basic point (such as it is) still applies, but the troops you see beating Iraqis near the beginning of the clip aren’t Americans. They’re Brits.