Nuance: N-bomb dropped by ... editor of Village Voice Media

A fitting way to mark Randi Rhodes’s departure from Air America. So much nuance to unpack here: Was his N-bomb deployed with the taboo -er ending or the more palatable ironic -a? Does it matter that he’s referring to a white guy? Why does Senator Kleagle get a pass for his own variation on this term while this tool gets hung out to dry? Most importantly, doesn’t being executive editor of the nation’s largest group of alternative newspapers give him enough liberal authenticity to get away with this? Why, he’s on the team.

If you think Rhodes was surprised to find out she didn’t have enough Absolute Moral Authority to call Hillary a whore, imagine the shock of the guy who co-owns the Village Voice’s parent company discovering he’s not entitled to use the occasional racial slur if he likes. When did those rules change, I bet he’s wondering. Click the image to watch.