Predictable: Olbermann smears Bellavia as racist over "Tiger Woods" comment

How embarrassing — for me, that I didn’t predict this one as easily as the smear on Patrick McHenry. To atone, I checked my Tivo of last night’s show and forced myself to sit through the entire segment, as only the first half is excerpted below. Gluttony for punishment? Nope: Just wanted to confirm my hunch that Olby neglected to mention that Teamsters President James Hoffa also compared Obama to Tiger Woods yesterday on a campaign conference call. HuffPo and Hotline went after Bellavia over this too, but they at least had the basic decency to note Hoffa’s remark as context. The fact that Olby — who almost certainly picked this item up from one of those two sites — omitted that detail tells you everything you need to know about him. Imagine how partisan and unethical you have to be to make the Huffington Post appear down-the-middle by comparison.

Enjoy the comments from Michael Eric Dyson too, already warming up the strong-form racial demagoguery for the general campaign. My favorite part: Where he acknowledges that we can’t be sure if Bellavia’s intent was racist but that it certainly must have been racist unconsciously, from force of habit. Too bad Newsbusters didn’t cut a little more to show you how both of them then proceeded to wonder what’s so bad about comparing someone to popular, world-famous, staggeringly talented megastar Tiger Woods. Exactly. Click the image to watch.

Update: I can’t believe I forgot this. Belated exit question: Where does Bellavia’s comment stack up vis-a-vis Olby’s ode to chicken and waffles?