Audio: Opie & Anthony versus Jesse Ventura on 9/11 Truth

Via Jim Treacher. I think all three are set to autoplay and there’s no way to turn them off, so kindly hit the pause button when they start up.

The screencap comes from last night’s appearance on H&C but that was tame by comparison. Skip it and carve out some time for this instead. They take exactly the right approach with this tool, ignoring his half-baked layman’s read on the arcane physical details of the buildings’ collapse and challenging him instead on the massive logical holes in the theory itself. Why the elaborate hijacking/crash/implosion approach that requires a conspiracy of hundreds instead of a quick, clean “loose nukes driven under the building” operation a la 1993? Why no Iraqi hijackers onboard if the whole thing was a pretext to go after Saddam? How did an administration notorious for its incompetence and for leaking like a sieve manage not only to execute this flawlessly but to keep the conspiracy a secret to this day? His answer to each: A sarcastic “No, you’ve convinced me, the government never does anything nefarious.” He’s the reductio ad absurdum of the preening self-styled dissident, as mindlessly confident that the government must be guilty as the mindless patriot is that it could never be guilty. Don’t believe me? Listen to the third segment, where he gets going about the Kennedy assassinations. That’s also the one where he suggests that Saddam was right to invade to Kuwait, so if you can’t spare the time for all three, there’s where you’ll get the most bang for buck.