Video: The media's anti-Hillary lowlight reel

In which I do my part as a good soldier in Operation Chaos to shame them into laying off our heroine ahead of Pennsylvania. This one’s circulating on the few pro-Hillary blogs left on the left; the tedious “Bitch” homage in the second half is stupid and useless but the first part’s effective for the tacit contrast it draws with Obama, both in terms of how very delicately the press treats him by comparison and how quickly his own camp is to call shenanigans on offenses much lighter than these (e.g., Clinton’s “fairy tale” comment). We can argue about whether the parameters of polite discourse are too wide or too narrow — I lean towards the latter — but when Her Majesty talks about “double standards,” for once she’s not blowing smoke.

Now join me, won’t you, in weeping big salty tears for progressives distraught at the thought of fellow liberals making feeble sexist remarks about henpeckish wives at Hillary’s expense while Michelle gets called a cunt on the Comedy Central website. What, no ping-pong jokes? Randi Rhodes redux: It’s not the nature of the insult that makes it “offensive” or not, it’s simply a question of whom it’s directed at.