Video: Murtha can't get enough of the sweet, sweet pork

Via InstaGlenn. Not one blessed thing in the clip will surprise you if you’re a right-wing blog reader of any duration. His staggering gluttony in this area has made him a target of even left-wing outfits like CREW; the Journal went so far last year as to describe his hometown as having been wholly “rebuilt” by the endless stream of federal money flowing into it. The point to take away about Murtha isn’t simply his piggishness but the arrogance he displays about it. That’s what got him in trouble in the Abscam tape, which CBS gloriously excerpts in the clip. Most lawmakers subject to a House censure vote for threatening a colleague on earmarks would show at least perfunctory contrition. He sits there during the roll on the House floor and laughs.

Come for the awesome money/conveyor graphic, stay for Murtha’s aides shutting his office door in CBS’s face. Exit question instruction: Name that party.