Video: Damn right McCain's a warmonger, says Schultz

Here’s the background if you missed it this weekend. As is often true with the unpleasantries of politics, the Messiah stayed above the fray and let his team do his dirty work for him. McCain, trying to stay above the fray himself, has decided to let him slide. Watch the clip anyway, though, partly for the comic resonance of Schultz basing his “warmonger” charge on the fact that McCain wants to expand the military — here’s Obama’s position on that issue, for context — and partly to see why it is that Maverick’s going around dropping soundbites like this:

“Because I’m worried about Iranian influence doesn’t mean that I’m ready to go to war with Iran,” he said. “Please, I’m not –- I think there’s a lot of things that we need to do, there’s a lot of measures that need to be taken, along the lines we talked about after my trip to Europe with [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy, and [British Prime Minister Gordon] Brown and [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel are talking about sanctions against Iran, you know, because of their nuclear weapons issue and all that.”

Good enough? No? Then let’s get to the real purpose of this post — an excuse to flash back to these old but gold clips of John McCain, warmonger, calling for immediate withdrawal … from Somalia and Haiti. His campaign’s not going to compromise his man-of-steel image by circulating them, but if you want evidence that Maverick’s not a “100 years” kind of guy in all theaters (at least when the commander in chief is a Democrat), just follow that link. Click the image to watch.