Stephanopoulos: Hillary told Richardson that Obama can't win

Why this should qualify as a bombshell worthy of above-the-fold treatment at Drudge is beyond me considering (a) Mark Penn said the same thing on a conference call two weeks ago; (b) it’s the whole crux of her argument to the superdelegates, especially post-Wright; and (c) there’s at least some evidence to suggest that it’s true, although most — starting with his fundraising numbers — points the other way. Watch, however, as the magic of media narrative-framing transforms this into a horrible breach of etiquette on her part, in much the same way that it’s no longer part of polite political discourse to remind people precisely what it was that Jeremiah Wright said. And yes, before you ask, of course it’ll be spun as some sort of racial ploy, just as BJ’s wholly innocent “fairy tale” comment was disingenuously spun by Obama’s team to suggest that he meant a black politician can never win. This’ll be demagogued the same way, as the wicked witch’s supposed attempt to suffocate the flame of belief that lit up among black voters after Iowa. Naturally, a private conversation with your new enemy Bill Richardson is exactly the moment you’d want to put Operation: Hope-Kill into action.