Bill Clinton: Oh yeah, Hillary tried to join the Army

The Army? I thought it was the Marines. As did Jake Tapper, who remains inexplicably suspicious of the notion that a young McGovernite fresh out of Yale Law School whose husband was eyeing state office would decide to enlist and depart for foreign destinations unknown:

9/11 Commission Vice chair Lee Hamilton, a former member of Congress from the Hoosier state, announced that he’s backing the lanky Illinoisan.

Possibly to avoid being one-upped on Indiana national security politics, former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in Columbus, Indiana, today that his wife had tried to join the Army…

“I remember when we were young, right out of law school, she went down and tried to join the Army and they said ‘Your eyes are so bad, nobody will take you,'” he said, after heralding her record on issues of concern to the military, such as body armor and access to health care.

Hillary dated the Marines story to 1975; she and Bill graduated from Yale in 1973, which I guess is close enough for “right out of law school,” but there’s the nit to pick if you’re looking to pick one. There’s audio at the link, although damned if I can get it to play. Expect a bit of glorious follow-up to this nonsense from the suddenly Clinton-unfriendly press this week as they try to nail down just which branch it was that turned her down. (Both, maybe? As Tapper notes, the Marines story ends with the recruiter telling her to try the Army.) What’s interesting about this is what a silly unenforced error it is: The media would love to rub her face in another Tuzla-esque lie, and instead of leaving her military fish stories alone, BJ had to go and recycle this dubious item for scrutiny. Is he trying to cause problems for her? He is, isn’t he?