Sky reporter to Hamas leader: You know you're going to lose, right?

Not sure why he thinks that when Hamas’s pals in Iran are skipping down the primrose path to nuclear weapons, but it’s gutsy of him to ask. Precious and few are the moments when a degenerate like Khaled Meshaal finds himself getting the third-degree from someone in the media, so enjoy this, starting with the questions about brainwashing — perish the thought — and rolling on through the Holocaust that apparently did happen but wasn’t nearly as bad as those crafty Jews like to say. If his reference to the 1994 massacre at the Hebron mosque is unfamiliar to you, he’s talking about Baruch Goldstein, who walked in there a la Cho Seung-Hui and gunned down 29 people. According to Meshaal, not only is the Israeli government to blame for this but it justifies the campaign of suicide terror against Israeli civilians that went on for years afterwards and will start again in due time. A thousand years from now, they’ll still be citing it as justification for every freakish atrocity they can think of. Click the image to watch.