Heart-ache: Coveted hip-hop superdelegate flips from Hillary to Obama

All part of a trend, my friends, as Hillary’s chances creep ever closer to zero.

As goes Fitty, so goes the nation:

“I heard Obama speak,” he said. “He hit me with that he-just-got-done-watching-‘Malcolm X,’ and I swear to God, I’m like, ‘Yo, Obama!’

“I’m Obama to the end now, baby!”

The musician also admitted he’s lost interest in the protracted Democratic race, and may not support either candidate.

“To be honest, I haven’t been following that anymore. I lost my interest,” he said. “I listened to some of the debates and things that they were saying, and I just got lost in everything that was going on…Don’t look for my vote, for me to determine nothing on that. Just say, ’50 Cent, he don’t know, so don’t ask Fiddy.’

Duly noted. Meanwhile — good lord, sir. If a man can shoot the rock, surely he should be able to roll it. Exit question: How soon before Hillary starts floating the idea to the superdelegates that the real metric for a nominee should be whether they can bowl a 50?