Video: Chicago's got a fever and the only prescription is more Jeremiah Wright!

Recognize the tool with his hand to his ear, encouraging the thunderous cheers for Rev. “America created AIDS”? I only know him by name, from his highly nuanced admonition to a gun-shop owner last year that he’d better “hide like a rat” before the forces of peace and tolerance “snuff” him out. The boss has all the background you need — and you do need it, believe me. The more this atheist hears from Obama’s clerical pals, the more intrigued I am. Did I miss some key passages in the gospels growing up Catholic? Chickens “roosting” in the form of jets exploding into office towers, ideological opponents being hunted down like rodents — it’s a new, exciting side to Christianity!

Exit question quotation: “I think there is a big difference between expressing the pain and anger that many African Americans and other people of color may feel versus language that I think now crosses the line and goes into hate.” Click the image to watch.