Video: Shameless liar's shameless NAFTA lie exposed

The beauty of the Tuzla story lies not in catching her in a shameless lie but in the fact that it opens up everything else she’s ever said to re-examination. Here’s another lie we already sort of knew about but had forgotten, for the simple reason that there are too many to keep track of anymore. Just as the human brain can only handle nine-digit phone numbers, so too America’s collective imagination can only juggle five or six egregious Hillary fabrications at a time. Right now, offhand, I can recall the Edmund Hillary lie, the Yankees/Cubs vacillation, the “I almost joined the Marines” tall tale, the bogus southern accent, and of course Tuzla. But beyond that? Total blank. How much mendacity has spilled over the sides of the gallon-jug that is my mind and into oblivion? You’ve overwhelmed us, Hillary.