Clinton: Yes, the threat of terrorism from across the southern border is real

The second in an impromptu series of why conservatives should prefer Hillary to Obama. Despite a perfunctory promise to tighten the borders, the Messiah’s rhetoric on this subject is, as usual, doctrinaire left/libertarian notwithstanding the evidence on the subject. Immigration and terrorism aren’t related, never were related, and never related shall they be:

Obama proceded to give Bowman a social sciences lesson, explaining “Immigrants are coming into the country and not blowing things up. They are usually working in meat packing plants, or working in restaurants or working in agriculture, picking vegetables…”…

“We’ve got a problem with terrorists who are trying to kill us… That’s a separate problem from immigrants,” Obama assured Bowman.

Enter the Clenis, acknowledging that there’s never been a terrorist attack from across the southern border — although there was an attempt across the northern border, which his own administration stopped — and then patiently explaining why that’s irrelevant.