Matthews: Who would Hillary rather see win, Obama or McCain? Update: "The Tonya Harding option"?

He appears to be asking in earnest, as did Jon Chait yesterday at TNR, but the answer is so obvious as to make the question rhetorical. Interesting that this meme suddenly seems to be circulating, though. The peg, I’m guessing, is the growing worry that all the fighting is making things easier for Maverick. Questioning her loyalty to the party ratchets up the pressure on her to get out early a tiny bit more, as if she’s supposed to fold up her tent a month before Pennsylvania when she’s got a 20-point lead and the Wright thing is still active.

Don’t worry, boys, she’ll be finished by Carolina. Exit question: What if Gore, Pelosi, and a few other super-superdelegates band together and call on her to quit before Pennsylvania so that Obama can focus on the general? Don’t laugh; Harry Reid’s already dropping dark hints about things “being done” behind the scenes to resolve the situation. Exit question two: How much longer will Drudge milk the Hillary/CBS story at the top of the Report? It’s already been up there a good 20 hours. Is he going to ride it for the full 24? She is, after all, his special lady: “I need Hillary Clinton. I need to be part of her world.”

Update: This sounds to me like an Obama lackey trying to play off the Matthews/Chait meme and demonize her as someone so psychotically spiteful that she’d destroy the party if she can’t be the nominee. Which isn’t to say it’s not true.