Poll: 35% having doubts about Obama over Wright

The news ain’t all bad for Team Barry. Clear majorities say the scandal’s had no effect and they don’t believe he shares Wright’s views (nor do I or most Republicans, for that matter).

Think that’ll help him with superdelegates expecting a close race with McCain this fall?


You should scroll through the crosstabs on this one, as there’s bombshells a-burstin’ on every page. This, in particular, threw me for a loop. I’ve been assuming that the base would revolt if the superdelegates dared to stiff the guy who won the most states and the most delegates. Maybe not. Exhibit A in Her Majesty’s case for why the rank and file would be more tolerant of a “selected, not elected” nominee than one might think:


That 17% is going to give them pause, but is that figure a response to the party taking anti-democratic measures or just a reflection of opposition to Hillary on the merits? Via PA WaterCooler, anecdotal evidence comes from the F&M poll of Pennsylvania. They’re screwed to the tune of a 20% “sore loser” flip no matter who wins:


Not encouraging enough? Back to Fox, then. Check out the numbers for independents in these two questions — and for Democrats in the second one. Either the “100 years in Iraq” scare tactic hasn’t taken effect yet or it’s a bust, because his national security numbers are solid:



Finally, for exit question purposes: What on earth do we make of this? 14% of Republicans, too?