Obama: My grandmother who fears black men is a "typical white person"

Via Breitbart.tv and our old pal Ian Schwartz. I actually think he misspoke here, that he was simply trying to say, “My grandmother, who is white, is a typical person insofar as she’s suspicious of strangers of other races.” Didn’t come out that way, though. How do you suppose it’ll play in that bar in Pennsylvania that Politico focus-grouped?

Exit question, true or false: Obama’s stumble here is no more than a momentary brain fart whereas McCain confusing AQI with the Mahdi Army and then correcting himself is a deeply significant insight into his worldview and/or mental capacity.

Update: Just how deeply reflective of the community is Wright’s style of preaching, such that Obama could no sooner disown it than disown black America in its entirety? If you guessed 25%, you guessed right!

Update: Since I’m giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on this, I’m curious: Has anyone seen any lefty bloggers give McCain the benefit of the doubt on the AQI/Mahdi Army flub? Has even one of them offered, en passant, that the guy’s been traveling a lot, may have been a little tired, and simply made a good faith mistake which was duly corrected? If so, post the link in the comments. Credit should be given.

Update: Who’s enjoying this the most? Not Hillary, but you’re close.