Kerry: Obama's race will help bridge the divide with the Middle East

The latest in a continuing series in which Obama’s supporters pretend to be outraged at Geraldine Ferraro for suggesting that his race is in some ways a political asset while happily acknowledging that fact when talking amongst themselves. NBC goes so far as to characterize Waffles’s soliloquy here as an argument that “Obama’s skin makes him uniquely qualified for president.” There’s nothing left to say after Kaus’s and, especially, Tom Maguire’s posts on this subject, but do note how closely Kerry’s “logic” here tracks Excitable Andy’s in the passage quoted by both. Exit question: Given the fact that the worst jihadist invective is reserved for Musharraf, Karzai, Abbas and other dark-skinned, ethnically Middle Eastern “traitors,” why is Kerry so sure that Obama won’t be viewed similarly as having somehow “betrayed” Somalia and Sudan by aligning himself with the Great Satan? We’ve had a black man and then a black woman as our chief diplomatic officer for the past seven years. Has that fact in itself brought us any major gains vis-a-vis Islamic relations?