McCain advisor goes nuclear on Obama over Iraq criticism

As close to a Pretty Vicious Rant and Important Action Alert as a campaign is apt to get, and it’s only March. He’s responding to Obama goofing on McCain this morning for his Al Qaeda/Mahdi Army screw-up yesterday, which isn’t much of a screw-up per Ed’s post this morning and my own posts in the past but which will be spun that way, for various reasons. Among them: The fact that McCain seemed to think it was a screw-up too, per his correcting himself after Lieberman whispered in his ear, which tends to take the sting out of Salter’s insinuation here that Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Read it, though, as the rest of it’s golden, if sadly lacking in a demand to know why the great omnibus withdrawal that’s going to bring peace and reconciliation to Iraq wouldn’t do the same vis-a-vis NATO, Karzai, and the Taliban in Afghanistan.