Huckabee wonders: How come the left never gave Falwell the benefit of the doubt?

Eh, don’t get too excited. Most of this latest backslapping session with Scarborough is spent defending Obama and even Wright himself, whose coming of age during Jim Crow entitles him to the occasional “burn, World Trade Center, burn” gloss on the gospels. A heartfelt show of support or is Huck working an angle? We’ll never know, just like we’ll never know what was running through the Messiah’s mind during those “controversial comments” he now cops to having heard, but let’s just say it’s no surprise that a future presidential candidate who’s been conspicuously coy about the content of his own old sermons would prove to be a big stickler for “larger contexts.” That goes double in the wake of the Hagee uproar: If Huck squeaks through in 2012, the left will put him on the hook for every crackpot thing ever said by an evangelical preacher. (McCain’s already on the hook for every crackpot utterance by talk radio hosts, whether he denounces them or not.) Consider this preemptive damage control.

Stick with it to the very end of else you’ll miss how far Scarborough’s willing to go vis-a-vis cultural grievances.