Survey: Slight discrepancy between percentage of conservatives in media and in general population

Nothing to get excited about. Nothing that can’t be explained away by one of Eric Boehlert’s “the right controls the media” columns at Media Matters. Look forward to that if the result here depresses you:

Only 6 percent of the national press corps describe themselves as “conservative” in a population that includes reporters, editors and producers from major television and radio networks, daily newspapers, news wires and online sources…

In contrast, 36 percent of the overall population generally consider themselves conservative.

There are more conservatives in broadcast than print — 10 percent and 2 percent, respectively. Among online journalists the figure was 8 percent.

The majority of nationally ranked journalists — 53 percent — described themselves as moderate, 24 percent were liberal and 8 percent “very liberal.”

Exit question: Any of our liberal commenters want to challenge Ace’s assertion here that if McCain had dropped the Wright stuff on the media instead of Hillary it would have been greeted with headlines about a RethugliKKKan whispering campaign? I’m in the mood for a fight. Challenge me.