Open thread: Obama speech aims to save America, his own ass; Update: Transcript added; Update: Sullivan swoons

10:15 ET on all the cable nets and livestreaming on their websites so you have no excuse. If you thought Hewitt’s praise of Romney’s religion speech was embarrassingly effusive, wait until this love bomb detonates over Nutrootsville. I’d ask you who you think is apt to embarrass himself with the most squeamishly lyrical praise — the competition is stiff, after all — but we all know who it’ll be so let’s just wait for him to deliver. He’s already gone to the trouble of declaring preemptively that if the speech fails it proves that a Black Man Can’t Be President in America. Or at least, not one who looks the other way at hate for 20 years because it’s politically convenient for him to do so.

As noted yesterday, it appears the chosen one will be relying on the cherry-picking defense, which didn’t help Hagee with Andrew Sullivan (nor should it have) but should prove plenty persuasive for a reality-based community caught between Hillary and a wounded, discredited Obama as their nominee. Ed and I are going to try to liveblog this thing; stay tuned for video.

Update: If it gets boring, watch this instead.

Update: Drudge has the transcript.

Update: No matter how prepared for it you think you are, you aren’t. Excitable Andy never disappoints. Good lord.