Glorious poll data of the day!

Not glorious enough? Chew on this: According to the article, 28% of her own supporters are in the majority for that first question.


Is this really good news? Team Messiah must be faxing it to every uncommitted superdelegate on their list and maybe a few committed ones, per that 28% number. This is why I keep saying it’s over, contra Hot Air majority opinion: They won’t have the balls to vote against a guy who’s ahead by every metric (except for big battleground states) and who’s staked himself out today as the avatar of racial healing, so the big convention battle we’re praying for isn’t likely to be much of a battle. Add the fact that she just crapped the bed in Florida, where she’ll probably end up with 19 delegates and a few hundred thousand (dubious) extra votes in the popular vote contest, and she’s desperate. Assuming she wins big in Pennsylvania, as expected, the bellwethers will be Indiana and North Carolina on May 6. If she can’t surprise him in both states I say she’s done, done, done. Anyone disagree?

Update: Silky couldn’t deliver North Carolina for Kerry. Can he deliver it for Hillary?